The History

1st Exhibition in 1987

Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co. was founded in 1987, by Charalampos Mikropoulos, still today owner and unstoppable guide of the company. The foundation stone to build, what is now Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co. was just an idea. Having already experience in the field, the idea was and is still today to offer not only machinery, but complete solutions to its Customers, not to be only a supplier, but a partner at 360 degrees, looking at the same problems of the sector, but to think something different, even better.

1st Pistachio Open - Close Sorting Machine 1987

Over the years, the company’s growth has continued and has allowed boasting today a long experience full of successes. Numerous and important Customers are the testimony of a work based on the continuity and on the constant commitment to them.

Since 1993, Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co. has moved to the new headquarter in 16th km Thessalonikis – Serron at Thessaloniki. The new operating headquarter and the new factory of 2.000 square meters, respond to the by now imperative need for expansion in order to satisfy the growing demands of its Customers as well as the needs for improvement and rationalization of its services.From the beginnings of 2008, company MIKROPOULOS CHARALMPOS, changes its legal form and become MIKROPOULOS CHARALAMPOS and SON Co. From 2010, Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co. started to build its new production factory of 2.000 square meters, improving in that way its continuous development. 

First Dry Nuts Air Hot Roaster tunnel type of continuous flow 1987

The robustness and quality of materials, attention to detail in design, the daily commitment of its highly qualified team has enabled Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co. to become, over the years, synonymous with reliability and excellence. Attributes appreciated and researched by its Greek clients, but also by multinational companies such as Best Foods Prod. SRL. Another important step in the path of Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co., not to be considered as an arrival point, but a further incentive to continue to grow and offer always the best.

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16th km Thessalonikis - Serron
P.O. 57018, P.O.Box 81 Thessaloniki, GREECE
Phone:+30 23940 71322

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