The Values

The values ​​of a company are the foundations that allow it to exist and sometimes even to grow. When values ​​are shared by your team and are part of their daily work, they make it possible not only to consolidate yourselves on the market as a protagonist, but also to flourish and become a reference point in your field.

- Flexibility and accuracy, serving Customers
- Constant innovation
- Quality of the materials

The flexibility and accuracy in the preparation of the project, as always, are the two main features of the Company, allowing it to find for every Customer an individual and personalized solution. Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co. in fact produces machines and plants for the dry nuts industry which can meet any production requirement: from artisan productions, up to the realization of complete and highly automated dry nuts processing lines for all production phases:

Roasting, Drying, Flavouring, Salting, Sieving, Cutting, Cracking, Cooling and up to automatic systems for product distribution and feeding of the packaging machines.

Sensitive to the value of the constant innovation, Mikropoulos Charalampos & Son Co. has grown thanks to the human and professional qualities of its staff, but also through the challenges and incentives offered by the Customers, and has achieved today high levels of reliability and competence that enabled it to conquest esteem and confidence of its Customers in every part of the world. The research for reliable materials for the production of the plants, optimization of production yields and perfect hygienic conditions of each machine are the constant goals to which Mikropoulos refers to guarantee its Customers the opportunity to obtain in quality and hygienic an optimum final result and ensuring them the highest level of service and assistance in the realization of their projects.


Contact Info

16th km Thessalonikis - Serron
P.O. 57018, P.O.Box 81 Thessaloniki, GREECE
Phone:+30 23940 71322

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