Oregano And Perennial Herbs Machine

This machine is design to process, especially the Oregano that separates the leaf from the stem and for further processing such as sorting Oregano sizes. This processing line except the oregano is suitable for processing, similar, with the oregano dried herbs.
Complete processing lines for Oregano and Perennial Herbs with capacities from 100kg/h until 800kg/h.
The Oregano processing line consists of the above equipment:
• Feeding elevator
• Oregano mechanical separator. Separates the leaf from the trunke.
• Air cleaner separator of the small stones, Zig-Zag Type.
• Vibratory multi level sieve, with different sizes and removable sieves.
The oregano mechanical separator is suitable not only for oregano but for further Aromatic plants processing.
Design and development upon customers needs.


See the oregano and perennial herbs machine catalogue in PDF pdf





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