Sorting And Sieving Equipment

Vibratory Cleaning Sieves and Screening Machines
Our Vibratory cleaning sieves and screening machines are simple and robust, cleaning and grading machines and can be used for Dry Nuts such as Sunflowers Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Pistachio Peanuts, Almonds, and Hazelnuts etc. The complete galvanized or stainless steel construction is based on a screen compartment with various screen layers. Also, dust extraction nozzle and an additional aspiration channel for the already cleaned product, can be placed.

Pre-cleaning machines for storage plants, after Roasting or before, were processing plants, Calibration, Sorting and selecting of any kind of dry nuts, seeds, grains and herbs.


Screening Belt
The screening belt is design to help the staff to clean a product from impurities. Consist of a polycarbonic belt ideal for food processing. With several seats depending its length and the desired production. The belt divided into three main sections, for putting the impurities across the screening belt. Also, the exit divided into three different sections. The handling and the speed adjusting, of the belt, becomes with the help of an Inverter. The screening belt has also its own luminaries consisting of fluorescent lamps. The feeding of the belts usually become from a previous machine when it is appear in a line or by vibrating scoop in collaboration with a waiting silo.

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