Mikropoulos & SON Co products are now in new market.


In the picture you can see the dry nuts mini roasters and mini mixing equipment ready for delivery for France, Israel and Nigeria.



Dry-Nuts-Mini-Roaster Small


Twice production kg / h, at almost the same price.


  • Top and bottom heating.
  • Temperature display.
  • Damper control of moisture flow.
  • Entrapment of aromas and flavors.
  • Board timer.
  • Average Power consumption 2,5 KWh 

We proudly announce our New product, Oregano and Perennial Herbs Processing machine, type TR-100.

Below, you can see the machine in action.

Video of a TR-100 under processing of Oregano.

Briefing of the TR-100, Oregano and Perennial Herbs processing Machine.

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