Dry Nut Caramelizer

KM Series, the ideal for sweet masterpieces.

This machine is designed to caramelize, sugar coating all kinds of Dry Nuts.

The Caramelizer, Sugar Coating machine is a semi-automatic and its frame is fully constructed of stainless steel AISI 304L, while the drum is made from copper. Also the sugar coating machine is ideal for whole or cracked into pieces dry nuts.

The KM Series also provides:

  • Drum’s rpm adjustment by an Inverter.
  • Drum’s overturning for unloading purposes.
  • Drum’s angle adjustment.
  • Low pressure, Natural Gas or LPG direct heating burner, fully adjustable.
  • Gas regulator for starting flame or main heating power according to CE.
  • Flame’s ignition button.


Type Drums Pan Capacity Hourly Production Power Width Length Height Weight
KM - 100 1 5Kg 5-10Kg/h 0,37Kw 120cm 100cm 290cm 280kg
KM - 200 2 5Kg 20-30Kg/h 4,00Kw 120cm 240cm 290cm 550cm
KM - 300 1 10Kg 10-20Kg/h 4,00Kw 120cm 120cm 290cm 300Kg
KM - 400 2 10Kg 40-50Kg/h 4,00Kw 120cm 270cm 290cm 600Kg