Dry Nut Hybrid Roaster small

NEW Hybrid Dry Nut Roaster, MR-3

Hybrid ovens are the result of combining different types of heating systems in the same oven.

Mikropoulos & Co. recommends HYBRID ROASTER for all kinds of Dry nuts as well as for roasting all kinds of seeds, sesame seeds, cereals, legumes, pop corn and others.

The advantages of a HYBRID is the ability to take advantage of the benefits of different heat transfer systems where it is needed for the best possible results in the roasting process and of course for the minimum possible consumption of energy.
It is often important to have direct heat transfer with the combustion of gas at the beginning of the process to provide the necessary heat conditions. Once the product has been placed inside the chamber and the roasting process has started, it is necessary to introduce a forced heat, in the form of hot air, which is ideal for color control, humidity and improved moisture removal. By using lower baking temperatures, not only fuel economy is achieved, but the best possible roasting effect is achieved, and as a result, it delivers a unique and ideal product with special characteristics.

In addition, the placement of electronic controllers and regulators provide flexibility, stability and standardized end product.

Finally in our NEW Hybrid Dry nut Roaster you will find a customized, stirrer and cooler, that make it, ALL IN ONE MACHINE.

Production 30kg per batch per 30 minutes.

Type Production Power Width Length Height Weight
MR - 3 20 - 60kg/h 6,5 Kw 100cm 165cm 125cm 300kg