Dry Nut Elevators

Belt Bucket Elevator

Belt bucket elevators are used for vertical handling of dry nuts in food industries, for example in Sorting Machines, storing and handling food grains, etc. These belt bucket elevators are designed according to international safety regulations, with features such as a hood with two removable sections, casing sections with angle flanges, food and oil resistant antiseptic belt of pvc lined fabric, casting retention frame etc.

We also provide custom made belt bucket elevator and grain bucket elevator with option for stainless steel or plastic buckets, speed monitoring system, etc.

Application: Dry Nuts / Cereals / Grains / Coffee/ Legumes etc.

Incline – Elevating Conveyor Belts

Inclined belt conveyors or elevators are used to bring Dry Nuts from one level to another via a hinged or flexible belt. Products can be controlled by cleats on the belt during elevation, and maintained on the belt by either side or side rail systems.

For transporting small parts that have a high temperature, such as already roasted Dry Nuts after the Roaster, parts with oily or wet surfaces, can be fitted with attached metal slat side walls and lateral cleats or flights.

Some designs have adjustable angles of incline, but some elevating conveyors have fixed angles of incline. These conveyor systems are supplied with either a PVC belt or a modular plastic belt.

From Type Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevators are specially designed for gentle handling and quiet operation. The buckets facilitate the transport of measured quantities and are available in several sizes. The buckets are overlapping at the infeed and remain in an upward position until emptied, thus preventing spillage. The buckets are made of a reinforced polycarbonate food grade, molded in one piece.

Chain of bucket elevators made of hardened high carbon steel material with attached roller which provides low friction with guide support without lubrication. This industrial, Z type bucket elevator with a multi discharge system.

Application: Dry Nuts / Grain / Dry Nuts / Cereals / Coffee Beans / Green Coffee / Legumes etc.

  • Depending on the type of production we are able to offer various models and types depending on the required production.
  • In accordance with European, CE, and international regulations, our machines have been designed for safety as well as good hygiene during processing and easy cleaning afterwards.


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