Dry Nut Tunnel Type Dryer small

Multilevel Dry Nut, Snack, Cereal, Aqua feed, Pet food, Tunnel Type Dryer.

Our latest design provides gentle and uniform drying with precise drying chamber control in a rugged. Up to three conveyors (levels) can be combined in the smallest possible floor space for the most economical, efficient results to your drying needs. With temperature and humidity control zone, assure the most uniformly dried products. Ideal for Dry Nuts, Snacks, Cereals Aqua feed and Pet food.


  • A highly efficient air circulation system is used to recirculation heated air up or down through the material being dried.
  • Horizontal surfaces and angles have been eliminated where possible to minimize the accumulation of debris, dust, fines and product.
  • Unique airflow designed system in better drying performance and more uniformly dried product.
  • Maximum external and internal access doors are provided to facilitate easy cleaning of all areas.
  • A minimum number of efficient, centrifugal, non-overloading, direct drive fans are provided for less maintenance and lowest power consumption.
  • Optional cooler utilize ambient to quickly stop the drying process and cool the product almost to room temperature.
  • Stainless steel of wire mesh conveyors provide for reduced drop and therefore minimum product damage.
  • Easily removed plug type fans and split conveyor sprockets can be supplied to further reduce maintenance time.
  • Transfer zones offer a unique and economical solution to the problems of different drying rates for different products. Each stage of the dryer is designed to perform a given function such as controlling drying rates, temperature or moisture equilibration, shrinkage, etc.